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Session 1.jpg
1 hour 

Insight – explore beliefs,

Attachment style, and

Personal intentions.

Session 2.jpg
Couples Consultation
1.5 hours 

Interview couple

Introduce 3-C’s

Invite growing more deeply

Session 3.jpg
6-90 min. sessions 

Implement 3-C's of

Growing Deeply

Our Couples Feedback

Bar Chart

Personal Work

Amy and Matt have a way of working together that feels different than other types of personal work I've had.  I felt really heard, seen and excited about my growth.  Thank you.

Couples Work

Being supported by two coaches that are a team felt good to us because we didn't feel that either one of us was being sided with.  Such a unique experience.


Six Week Program

This program was dynamic, practical and kept our growth active and exciting!  I've been with my partner for nine years and learned something new about her each week.

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