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Harnessing Intimate Power

Much of our success in intimate relationships requires us to understand our entire fabric: 


Our Drives, Lessons, Learned Patterns and Higher Selves.  We have to learn to integrate

these aspects and choose to live within the intimate experience of these strong intentions.

Intimacy asks us to do the difficult things.

To set aside our more anxious desires for 'knowing’ and embrace the curiosity of ‘being’ with a partner. 


This is an especially vulnerable journey of

wise mind and kind learning.  We must disarm defensive impulses, be aware of our prior patterns, and lean into our uncertain


This process 'adapts us to deeper awareness’,

evolves our compassionate trust, and matures

us into the 'witness' of intimate relationships.

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The 3 - C Process

Cadence 2.jpg
Camaraderie 2.jpg

To align with the mutual rhythm of another. Finding harmony with your partner. – Even as change arises, use empathy in advance.

A spirited friendship.

A predictable, dependable trust-built Alliance.

– Become love’s trusted friend.

   Nurture compassion.

To attach in the ‘presence’ of one another.

Finding genuine vulnerable intimate depth with your partner. – As we feel an intimate connection we must be willing to hold each other’s shadow.


Cornell Winery & Tasting Room

Harnessing Intimate Power – A Couples Workshop


Friday, February 21st | 7:00-9:30pm

$75 a couple - inclusive

Includes a glass of Wine and Cheese & Charcuterie Reception


Harnessing Intimate Power Workshops & Retreats

In many years of supporting the couple’s journey, we found three important practices of healthy sustainable intimacy.


Cadence, Comaraderie & Connection



To align with the mutual rhythm of another.  Finding harmony with your partner. -Even as change arises, use empathy in advance.


A spirited friendship. A predictable, dependable trust-built alliance. -Become love’s trusted friend, nurture compassion.



To attach in the ‘presentness’ of one another.  Finding genuine vulnerable intimate depth with our partner. -As we feel an intimate connection we must be willing to hold each other’s shadow.

Cadence 2.jpg
Camaraderie 2.jpg
Connection 2.jpg
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