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About Us

We are walking the courageous path to growing even more deeply

Amy Ryk

                         Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Philosophy & Approach

Amy's transformative skill shines by empowering clients to navigate the complex journey from distress and restriction to insight, authenticity and joy.   Amy emanates warmth, compassion and curiosity.  She provides a safe, caring and nonjudgmental environment that centers on client needs. 


Skills & Methodology

Using specific skills of distress tolerance, emotion regulation, Amy's uncanny insight of body-centered , emotion regulation, Amy I also work closely with clients have a ' safe-best practice' experience and feel supported throughout the therapeutic journey.  


This deep exploring offers clients the potential for a productive, meaningful, and fulfilling life.

Matt Sanders

Psychological Consultant

Philosophy & Approach


Matt Sanders has a comprehensive 'wide -insight' approach that integrates past professional experiences as a clinician, researcher, faculty/educator, trainer, court forensic specialist & advocate for safe, healthy relationships. He believes in compassionate  skills inquiry, vulnerability & virtue-bonding.

Matt has extensive expertise in developing couple's intimacy,

masculinity, parenting, and close family dynamics.


Therapeutic Focus

As a psychological consultant, he guides individuals through difficult/traumatic events and into a safer honest emotional self.  Using Deep Brain Work emotional re-integration, clients gain access to lost esteem, empathy, vulnerability, courage and intimacy.  

These techniques of developing strong 'emotional landscapes' can quickly defuse toxic resentments and set a clear path for positive change and healthy identity development.


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