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Love is not Work

...It's Practice.

Above the Clouds


"After more than forty years as a marriage counselor, I have found that most people are looking for love in all the wrong places. They don’t understand that Stage 3 is not the end, but the real beginning for achieving real, lasting love" - Jed Diamond

While we work with couples at all stages; we are excited to take couples through 3 Powerful (and simple!) Practices of Partnering to support couples move from "being" together to "becoming" together beyond talk therapy.

Practice 1



The practice of harmonizing with one another's pacing.



Cadence 2.jpg

Practice 2


The practice of engaging one another's strengths and curiosities'.

Camaraderie 2.jpg

Practice 3


The practice of opening to each other's deepest experience.


Connection 2.jpg

Other areas of treatment that support Partnering & Growth

     Trauma Resolution | Marginalization | Addictions | Eating Disorders | Early Attachment Style | Low Self-Esteem

Emotional Trauma | Dissociative Disorders

Amy Ryk

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist 

Education & Expertise

Amy Ryk received an MA in Clinical Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado.  As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Amy has 15 years of expertise and specializes in deepening couples' intimacy, fostering attachment & commitment. 




Amy Professional2.JPG


In Amy's Words

'I have a profound passion to guide clients toward emotional, social, spiritual and personal success.  Sharing the insight  of 'growing deeply' is the gift I want to offer couples on this loving

powerful life journey.'

Matt Sanders

Psychological Consultant

Education & Expertise

Matt Sanders received an MS in Interdisciplinary Psychology at SUNY Buffalo in 1992. His later focus led to a Master's in Family Studies & Human Development at the UofA '97.

Matt has 25 years of expertise in emotional development,

conflict resolution, couple's communication and intimacy.


In Matt's Words

'I use a depth of therapeutic experience to impact client sessions. I feel confident about living by the messages of this deeply vulnerable work.

I can teach you how to develop emotional skills and create strongest connections in your most desired relationships'

White Branch

Show me the part of you that you find hardest to love, so I'll know where to start... 

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